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How does Imagemit work?

Image Search as a service

Imagemit (Image Search as a service) allows companies to implement image-based search capabilities in their systems, software applications or ecommerce. The technology is based on the extraction of visual characteristics using artificial intelligence that are used as criteria of coincidence during the search. After extracting the featurers from the image, look in the index of images and obtain the best results based on color, category or functional similarity for a recovery of maximum precision results.

The visual search technology represents an exciting opportunity for online fashion retailers, home decoration and furniture to improve product discovery and facilitate purchasing barriers. The visual similarity search technology can be applied to any set of visual data regardless of the industry or the use case.


Imagemit AI-Powered Power the discovery of your products


Search by Image

Enhance product discovery by allowing users to search for similar products within an index by uploading an image of the web or one taken by themselves.


Product recommendation

Help your e-commerce customers increase conversions by showing similar products to offer more variety or alternatives to products out of stock.


Search and extract colors

Add color search capabilities to your e-commerce sites.


Match product

Find duplicate products in your catalog.



The Image Search API presents a scalable infrastructure capable of handling large numbers of requests within large search groups.


High Accuracy

Get the highest possible search accuracy speed for a pleasant user experience. Let our expert machine learning team help you customize the relevant functions for your image database.

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